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Equipping Minds

Founded By Dr. Carol Brown

As an Equipping Minds therapist, I work with children and adults to increase their cognitive abilities and decrease learning, emotional, and social challenges.  I work one on one with students of all ages through online teletherapy and in person. 

We use cognitive training exercises to increase processing, executive functioning, working memory, attention, reasoning skills, comprehension, and self-regulation to improve academics and life skills for children and adults of all abilities. 

About the Teacher

I am the wife of Derek and the mother of 5 brilliant children, ages 26 down to 17.  I have homeschooled for over 20 years, in both the United States, and in Romania where we have been serving as missionaries for the last 15 years.  I have 2 sons with dyslexia and all 3 sons have ADHD of varying degrees.  Because of the challenges this brought to homeschooling overseas, I developed a special interest in helping others with learning challenges.  I became certified in Equipping Minds Cognitive Development Therapy as well as nutrition therapy in my own quest for health and the educational success of my children, with the hope of helping others too.  

Shannon & Derek Ebbers

Shannon Ebbers

Throwing Caps

Education Consulting 


In addition to providing cognitive therapy, I also provide services in education as well as nutrition consulting.  I led all of my children from kindergarten through to graduation and secured accommodations, for those that needed it for ACT testing as well as for college.  I have used a variety of curriculums based on individual needs and learning styles.  I also have experience in schooling children who's second language is English.  I have incorporated good nutrition,  supplementation, and fitness to enhance learning and success in the classroom  and I particularly enjoy educating parents and students to do the same.  




Education Consulting

I will help you think through schooling and curriculum options based on your unique child.  I can help you learn more about accommodations for testing and college as well as how to prepare a high school transcript. 


Cognitive Development Therapy

Fun and interactive teletherapy or in-person sessions with children and adults to increase cognitive abilities and decrease learning, emotional, and social challenges, using the Equipping  Minds curriculum. 

Egg and Spinach Salad

Nutrition & Fitness Consulting

Our holistic approach to education includes nutrition & exercise. I'd love to help your child learn to make good choices and care for his/her body & brain.  I also have a passion for helping women look and feel their best through nutrition and fitness. When a family is in it together, there's a much greater chance for success!

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