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Evaluation Services

As a Florida Certified Teacher, I am able to sign off on your elementary aged child's homeschool evaluation.

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Current Students

For current students, I will sign off on the evaluation for a small fee of $15 that will be invoiced to you through email.


Past Students

For past students, I will meet with the child once for a short assessment before I will sign off on the evaluation. This will cost $45 and will be invoiced to you through email. 


New Students

For students that I have never worked with before, I will need to meet with them for at least 3 thirty minute sessions in the span of a week if possible. This is to make sure we cover the main subjects and what they know. I will also ask to see work from the student from the previous year to be able to determine growth. This will be $200, sent through an invoice to the email of your choice.


New Students that are starting weekly tutoring services

For students that I have not met with before, we will have a free consultation with guardians and child to choose times and frequency for tutoring services. You will book the subscription of your choice through the "book now" button. Once we have met for at least one week, I will sign off on the evaluation once I have seen work from the previous year. This will be a separate $15 charge.

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