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To support children in their developmental years who are below grade level, bridge the academic gap through individualized, 1-1 instruction. 



Children who struggle academically tend to have low self-esteem and confidence. It doesn't matter what level they are at, or how far behind they are. Inspired Tutors wants to help your child grow, so that they can be confident in their abilities to succeed.

How Does our Virtual Tutoring Work?

Inspired Tutors provides 1-1 individualized sessions to children PreK-6th Grade.

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Schedule a virtual call to discuss goals for your child

Choose your Program

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Start Learning!

  Google Meet sessions 2-3 times per week for 30 minutes


2nd grader in Public School

Jessalyn is a wonderful tutor! She understands the school systems and different teaching practices and is able to effectively help my child navigate different materials. My daughter loves working with her and looks forward to her sessions!


(Kindergartener with Autism)

Jessalyn is very good at teaching and patient with the kids she teaches while always implementing ways that make learning interesting.


(5th Grader in public school)

I highly recommend Jessalyn's tutoring services for all our kids who could benefit from that extra nudge of motivation, encouragement, and confidence boosting.

Her cheerful, reassuring approach immediately puts her students at ease, and I am most impressed at the strides my daughter has made in Reading, Comprehension and Mathematics, thanks to Jessalyn's teaching expertise.


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Inspired Tutors is a provider for STEP UP for Students living in Florida.

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