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Pros to Hiring a Tutor.

In my last blog I provided a series of questions for parents to ask themselves and reflect on before hiring a tutor for their struggling child. Today I want to bring up a few of the pros to working with a private tutor early on in their academic life. And let me say this: your child does not have to be failing every class to ask a tutor for some help. Inspired Tutors focuses on more than just grades, but on giving students the tools to grow, succeed and be confident academically.

So let's get into it.

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Mrs. B
  • Many students thrive with that 1-1 attention. Sometimes, in a class full of 20-30 other peers, children who struggle can tend to get left behind because teachers do not have the time or resources to work individually with each student or give them the attention and assistance they may need.

  • Tutoring can help with foundational skills that might have gotten a little lost and confused along the way. By working on those, students can have an easier chance of catching up to their peers.

  • Tutors have the freedom to put the needs of that 1 child first. They are able to choose activities that are of interest to that child and make what they are learning fun and interesting.

  • 1-1 tutoring is designed to help one child at a time, and that means, the way that they learn best. Their learning style. If a child is an auditory learner, the tutor can accommodate that and create lessons that are more about listening than just reading and writing.

  • Students can be themselves. 1-1 attention can definitely improve a child's confidence which is so so important. School is hard, and nowadays there is a lot of pressure on children. Those with learning disabilities especially need that attention.

I hope these help! Deciding whether or not to hire a tutor, as well as who to hire can be incredibly stressful. As it should be! Your child's education is one of the most important things you need to carefully cultivate.

Please always feel free to send me a message with any questions you may have, and you are always welcome to utilize the free resources through my website.

<3 Jess

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