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The Benefits of Reading with your Young Children

But isn't it the teacher's job to teach my child how to read?

Well, yes. When your children are in the school building, their teachers have a responsibility to teach them how to read, comprehend what they are reading, and even write about what they have read. They learn all kinds of reading skills at school such as decoding, vowel teams, and rules of the English language.

But your children don't start going to school until Pre-k, or kindergarten, so age 4-5 is when they would begin to learn the very basics, such as the letters of the alphabet and their sounds.

When should we start reading to our kids? The answer is: before they are even born!

According to a blog written by, "If you read to your child regularly, he or she will recognize your voice while he is out in the natural world, which will help you build a deep relationship with him. In certain situations, infants often pick up newer vocabulary and grasp their meanings very early in life."

(Read the entire blog here:

So what are some of the benefits of reading with your young children before they even begin school?

-Reading aloud before your child can even speak will enhance their vocabulary, their comprehension, and especially prepare them for actually learning how to read. There is such a difference between those who read at home with their parents, and those children who have only ever read at school, in a classroom, with a bunch of other students.

-Reading with your young child also helps build their confidence. When they know that they can make mistakes and ask questions 1-1 with someone they trust, in a judgment free zone, just imagine how that will help them in school and later in life!

-When a child hears you model read, they learn first hand how to read a story, how to pause at commas and stop at periods. They learn how to use inflection when there is an exclamation mark or a question.

-Children who have the opportunity to read at home learn early on what they are interested in. I have worked with so many children that would tell me that they sucked at reading or they hated reading, but as soon as I introduced them to a book with a topic that they enjoy, their parents would be calling me and telling me their child magically loves to read now!

There are so many more benefits to reading with your kids but this blog would end up being way too long and we all long a quick and easy blog to read!

I hope you will start reading every night with you kids, even just 5 minutes if you don't already! It will literally change their lives.

<3 Jess

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