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When Should I Hire a Tutor for my Child?

As a parent or guardian, you might ask yourself, "when do I hire a tutor?"

We don't want to get a tutor the first time our child gets a low grade on a test or assignment, but we also don't want to wait until they have been struggling for an entire semester and have fallen significantly behind. Finding a tutor who is a good fit for you and your child can be stressful, so, as a former public school teacher turned private tutor, I have created a few questions for you to ask yourself before looking for a tutor.

  1. Has your child struggled in school before?

  2. Is it just taking them a little longer than normal to grasp a certain concept?

  3. Are they struggling in just 1 specific subject or all around?

  4. Do they have anxiety about a certain class?

  5. Are they working hard and putting forth the effort to learn?

  6. Do they possibly have a learning disability that could affect their learning?

  7. How long have they been struggling for?

  8. Are they getting adequate assistance at home?

There are many factors that can go in to why a student may be struggling in school. I have worked with so many children and many of them were struggling for completely different reasons.


-Specific Learning Disability

-Did not have foundational reading skills therefore struggled with longer passages

-Missed school due to illness

-Parents aren't helping at home

And so on and so forth. Every child and every family is going to be unique, which means you have to make the right decision for you. Talk to your child's teacher, they are with them all day everyday and oftentimes have good insight as to whether or not this is something to possibly be concerned about, or if they will be just fine with a little extra help.

You may be a homeschool parent just looking for some help during the school day! The great thing about homeschooling is that you can easily go at your child's pace, but it can be a lot of hard work and research to choose the best curriculum for their learning style.

With Inspired Tutors, I strive to help those struggling children build on their foundational skills and grow, whether or not they are on grade level or 3 grade levels behind. With my Special Education degree, I have worked with many children with learning disabilities, Autism, ADHD...etc and helped them grow.

So go with your gut, and don't hesitate to get your child the help they need. Book a free consultation with me and let's figure out a plan together!

For more resources, go to my Resources for Parents page on my website.

<3 Jess

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